Nano fiber

Nanofiber is a nano-material which is lipophilic. It has excellent water resistance, good thermal resistance, and good sound-absorbing effect. Furthermore, it is lightweight, flame retardant, easy to mass production and so on. Since it has high adsorption capacity up to 40 times than its own weight, and the weight of nanofiber is 25% lighter than a feather, it is widely used in oil recovery, lightweight clothing and other purposes.
Now it is mainly used for oil absorption, manufacturing water-proof clothes, mask, and sound-absorbing material. The oil-absorbing, waterproof, breathable properties of nano fibers, enhance the efficiency of oil recycling. It is able to increase the processing speed of oil waste management.

Even through a large number of serious oil leakage accident occurred, it will be quickly solved if there are sufficient reserves.



nanofibers main photo