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About Us

Alison Asia Pacific Ltd. was established in 2006, which is the information integration platform for the electronic materials, fine chemicals, machinery and equipment, battery materials and semi-conductor related products. By continuous improvement in these several years, company has grown into a professional enterprise with unified research and development, marketing and technical support. With elite personnel around the world, our products include research and development of raw material, machine design, building of technical manufacturing process, product subcontracting, technology cooperation and offering order-made service of products. Our products are widely used in different industries, such as energy, environmental protection, sewage treatment, and other fields.

Alison has introduced advanced equipment, raw material and technology from Japan, Korea, Europe, America, etc. We aimed to provide services that fit to customers. With the awareness of energy and environmental conservation issues is rising in recent years, Alison is actively developing new energy business like Li-ion batteries and solar energy, and also the business of organic gas treatment etc.

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