High quality aluminum foil for Li-ion batteries

In lithium battery industry, aluminum foil can apply on different aspects. It mainly covers electrode substrate and packaging aluminum foil for soft pack packaging. With a series of other products and services supporting the battery business, we also provide high-quality aluminum foil products. They are suitable for electrodes and packaging uses.

Aluminum foil used in battery production process

Lithium battery cathode substrate

The raw material of aluminum foil would directly affect workability, battery safety, and maximum capacity of battery.

Lithium battery soft pack material

Apply paste dispensing process on surface of aluminum foil, to form soft and tough insulating packing material.

High quality aluminum foil for battery soft pack and electrode substrate

Aluminum foil provided by Alison, was designed and manufactured by alloys and metallurgical processes. It has high strength, high ductility, high formability, strictly controlled surface treatment, and clean surface. Not only paste dispensing process for aluminum in soft pack, coating process of positive electrode substrate could also obtain an excellent effects.

aluminum foil3

Advantage of Alison aluminium foil


– Strong in strength
– High tensile
– High workability
– Thermal softening resistance
– Dust-free, oil-free, highly clean
– Thin in thickness (as thin as 10μm)
– Flat surface, even thickness
aluminum foil main photo

Aluminum foil

Hydrophilic test of aluminum foil surface
aluminum foil1

General aluminum foil

Without surface degreasing, liquid is easy to condense on the surface, which affects the process of coating and paste dispensing process.

aluminum foil2

Alison Aluminum foil

With strictly-controlled surface degreasing treatment, liquid distributes quickly and evenly. During coating process, it results good coverage between the substrate and electrode material, which makes electrode sheet with high quality.